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Cremated Remains Options

Updated: Feb 15

Following a loved ones cremation, it may be a difficult decision to decide what to do with their cremated remains. This blog will hopefully give you some ideas on what you can do.

What can be done with your loved ones cremated remains?

There are many different options when it comes to your loved ones cremated remains, the most common options are they are either scattered in a garden of remembrance or a place of significance to the deceased, taken home or interred in a new or existing grave in a cemetery or churchyard. Below we will look a bit closer at each option and expand on what products are available.


The first option is having an interment in a new or existing grave. This can be in a family plot in a cemetery, churchyard or in a woodland setting. This usually would happen on a different day to the funeral so many also arrange a gathering of loved ones to say a final farewell. You can either choose to have a private interment with family members only, you can have a celebrant or minister present to say a few words or you can even just arrange the interment to take place where you don’t need to attend, this is known as a non-witnessed interment. The cost of the interment varies depending on which burial location you choose.

Ashes Casket

For an interment, your loved ones remains usually go into a wooden cremated remains casket, this can be light or dark wood, or even a colourful casket. Alternatively you can have a more eco friendly option. Following the interment, you have the option to erect a memorial on the grave.


One of the most common things people choose to do with cremated remains is to scatter them at the crematorium, or at a place that had special meaning for their loved one. If you choose to have your loved one scattered at the crematorium, this can be done with you in attendance for a small fee or it can take place without you in attendance free of charge. If your loved one had a special place, you can choose to scatter your loved ones remains there, although some places, you would have to seek permission to scatter the remains. When your loved ones remains are collected from the crematorium, they would normally be in a small box container or on some occasions, a poly container, dependant on the crematorium.

Scatter Tubes

Both options are suitable to scatter your loved one, but you may wish to choose an alternative like a scatter tube.


Another option with your loved ones remains is to keep them close by at home. Your loved ones could be kept in an urn, but there’s also a growing trend to put them into jewellery. Either in a locket or combined with glass crystals, this can be

Cremated Remains Urn

a really nice way of allowing multiple members of the family keep a loved one close by, as only a small amount of your loved ones remains are needed in the jewellery.

Crematorium options

Each crematorium has their own options for your loved ones cremated remains. Following your loved one’s funeral, the crematorium would normally send you information on these options. Some of the options may include placing your loved one in the columbarium, having your loved pones name inscribed in the book of remembrance, placing your loved one in a granite cross or kerbside section. Each option may be leased for a number of years.

Families would need to arrange the crematorium options directly with them and pay the appropriate fee.

Memorial Design


If you wish to have your loved one interred in a new or existing grave, we are able to provide you with options on memorials and renovate existing memorials. Our stonemason has many years’ experience and has created some beautiful designs and memorials over the years.


Other types of Jewellery and Fireworks

Alongside our range of jewellery for your loved ones cremated remains, we are also able to offer jewellery for your loved one’s fingerprints and hair. we can also arrange for your loved ones remains to go into fireworks. Yes you read that right, fireworks.


At Vines Funerals, we have a carefully chosen a range of caskets and urns for burial, containers for scattering ashes, and urns and keepsakes for keeping your loved one at home. You can see all our range in our brochure located in the packages section of our website. We also can assist you with arranging a memorial to go on the grave of your loved one or renovate an existing memorial.

We do provide a package for a cremated remains interment which covers a suitable cremated remains casket and all the necessary arrangements for the interment. The only additional fees are for the cemetery/ churchyard depending on the location.


If you would like more information on options for your loved ones cremated remains, jewellery options or ordering a memorial please get in touch with us at Vines Funerals, 70 Summerhill Road, Coseley, Bilston, West Midlands, WV14 8RE, 01902 494778 we would love to hear from you.

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