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Funeral Floral Tributes

Updated: 4 days ago

Choosing funeral flowers can help you find comfort in providing an appropriate floral tribute to pay your respects to your loved one. A display of personalised funeral flowers paying tribute to the person who has passed away can also be a great comfort to other attending mourners.

This is particularly prevalent when the tribute is personal to the deceased and pays tribute to them in a special way.

Cross Floral Tribute

There are many different options for funeral flowers and floral tributes and it is worth noting that some flowers may not be available due to seasonality. Vines Funerals can help guide you through this stage during the funeral arrangements.

We have provided some examples below of commonly used flower arrangements for funerals:

  • Casket Spray/Coffin Spray

  • Letter Tributes

  • Heart Tributes

  • Cross Tributes

  • Pillows/Cushions

  • Posy Tributes

Mom Letters

Sister Letters

We work closely with our highly experienced florist to create a wide range of beautiful floral tributes. Selecting favourite flowers and favourite colours are one way in which you can personalise the funeral flowers to your loved one. Many families opt for more bespoke funeral flowers and floral tributes. These bespoke flowers allow for a more personal tribute.

Coffin Spray

In some cases, the family of the deceased may request for donations to be sent with only family sending floral tributes. In this case we recommend following the request of the family.

Funeral Flower Meanings

Many flowers that are typically used for floral tributes and funeral flowers have traditional meanings behind them linking their use for funerals.

Understanding the traditional meanings behind some of the common funeral flowers may help in choosing the appropriate floral tribute.

Lilies. Lilies are a commonly used flower for funeral flower tributes, especially in their traditional white colour. Lilies are often associated with peace and innocence and love as a flower that is commonly used in anniversary flowers.


Carnations are another popular funeral flower and their wide variety of colours lend themselves to any floral tribute. The colour of carnations are often associated with different meanings respectively, red symbolising affection, pink symbolising remembrance and white symbolising love.


Chrysanthemums are often used in floral tributes and funeral flowers. Their meaning alters globally, in Belgium and Austria Chrysanthemums represent a memorial flower to honour lost loved ones and in Asia the Chrysanthemum is associated with grief and rebirth

Funeral Flowers Cards & Messages

You have the option of including a flower card with a written message of sympathy with your funeral flowers. The message written on the flower card can express the love and fond memories you hold for the deceased in a simple way. We have provided a few example words of remembrance below that are often expressed on flower cards:

  • In loving memory

  • Forever in our hearts

  • Sadly missed

  • Treasured memories

  • Always in my heart

  • Gone but never forgotten

  • Forever in our thoughts

Gates of Heaven

You may find that the flower card already has a written message of sympathy printed onto the card.

In this case you can add further words of remembrance or keep it simple with the names of whomever sent the floral tribute.

Where to send Funeral Flowers & Floral Tributes

We would recommend arranging for the funeral flowers and floral tributes to be sent directly to Vines Funerals. The Funeral Director will arrange for the flowers to travel to the funeral ceremony. Where appropriate the flowers can also be displayed in the hearse and travel with the cortege to the funeral service.

We usually request funeral flowers to arrive at our office at least two hours before the funeral ceremony start time, however, in some cases the flowers may need to be delivered in advance of this.

If you would like more information or to order floral tributes from Vines Funerals, please contact us on 01902 494778, we would be more than happy to help you

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