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How Vines Funerals, Funeral Director in Coseley supports you when arranging your loved ones funeral

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Introduction and Areas we cover

Vines Funerals, an independent Funeral Director, based in Coseley, serving the communities of Coseley, Bilston, Sedgley, Dudley, Tipton, the West Midlands & Staffordshire.

The Funeral Directors where compassion meets experience in the delicate art of funeral services. Richard Vines, the compassionate heart behind the company, boasts a rich legacy of over two decades in the funeral profession.

A seasoned Funeral Director, Richard holds a distinguished Diploma in Funeral Directing and an esteemed license to practice. His journey in this sacred calling began in 2002, following the footsteps of his father – a stalwart Funeral Director who devoted four decades to the profession before retiring.

Vines Funerals Logo

Richard has worked both for corporate and independent Funeral Directors during his career. Richard’s journey began in 2002 in a large corporate company where he held the position of Funeral Operative. As his career progressed and he moved through the different roles including Funeral Arranger and Resource Co-ordinator, Richard continued to study and achieved his NVQ Level 2 in Customer Service.

Richard would then continue his studies and in 2009 he became a qualified Funeral Director. Richard was presented with the Foundation Certificate in Funeral Service and Diploma in Funeral Directing With the prestigious Scales Award, which is awarded to the student with the highest scores during the examinations. He was also awarded the Special Achievement Award.

Richard Vines

Following on from Richard’s success in becoming a qualified Funeral Director, he would go on to become licensed to practice with the BIFD and also achieve a diploma in counselling.

Richard continued his success when he was appointed manager of a funeral logistic centre and achieved a Team Leader / Supervisor Level 3 Apprenticeship and also a Certificate in Management Level 3 with Distinction.

Full List of Qualifications

  • NVQ Level 2 in Customer Service Including Certificates in:

  • Working With Others and Personal Skills, Administration, Foundation Modern Apprenticeship (Developed by institute of customer service, delivered by performance through people) (NOV 2004)

  • Certificate in Application of number, Certificate in Information Technology, Certificate in Communication (Developed by institute of customer service, delivered by performance through people) (NOV 2004)

  • Foundation Certificate in Funeral Service with the NAFD (NOV 2007)

  • Diploma in Funeral Directing With the NAFD & BIFD (Scales Award) APRIL 2009)

  • Assessor Awareness Training for VQ’s In Funeral Service with the NAFD (SEPT 2009)

  • Diploma in Counselling Level 4 through the Blackford Centre (JAN 2016)

  • Team Leader / Supervisor Level 3 (Apprenticeship Institute of apprenticeships & technical education Aug 2020)

  • Certificate in Management Level 3 with Distinction (CMI Chartered management institute July 2020)

  • Licensed member of the BIFD (On Going)

  • Go MAD (Make a difference), Remembered forever, First Aid Training, Presentation skills, Finance, banksman training, Mental Health & Health and safety 2 trainer, (All done with Midcounties Co-op)

  • Christian Theology & Introduction to the Hebrew Bible taken at Queens College Birmingham

  • Award for community work and award for special achievement of the year

  • Dementia Champion with the Alzheimer’s Society

  • Built up good community links with the Royal British Legion and other charitable partners

  • Explored Discernment with the Church of England

Throughout his career Richard has been very involved with community activities, supporting and raising money for different charities, including the Royal British Legion, Birmingham Hospice and the Alzheimer’s Society which he volunteers for as a Dementia Champion. He was also presented with the community champion of the year award.

Vines Funerals operates as a home-based Funeral Service. Regardless of your location, Richard is poised to stand by your side during this difficult time, guiding you with empathy and expertise. By operating from the heart of his own abode, Richard has the privilege of minimising funeral costs, ensuring that you can craft a profoundly personalised yet affordable tribute to your dearly departed.

We understand the profound significance of saying goodbye to your loved ones. With heartfelt compassion and unwavering support, we are dedicated to guiding you through this delicate journey, ensuring that each farewell is a true reflection of the unique story that was lived. Our purpose is to honour, celebrate, and commemorate the lives that have touched our hearts.

We understand the unique significance of each individual life, and we are here to support you in creating a meaningful farewell that truly honour’s your loved one's memory.



Richard is licensed with the British Institute of Funeral Directors (BIFD)

Qualifications were presented to him by the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD)

Members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors (AGFD)

The teams who work alongside Richard are registered with the NAFD, SAIF, and BRAMM.

You can be confident that you and your loved one is in safe hands with Vines Funerals. The service we provide is to the highest standard and your loved one will always be treated with dignity and respect.

Home-based Funeral Director

A home-based Funeral Director is a Funeral Director who chooses to work from home instead of being based in one particular office or area. Working from home has many benefits:

  • We are able to keep costs low, so we can pass these savings on to our families.

  • We are not restricted to one area. We are able to provide funerals to families across the West Midlands and Staffordshire.

  • We are able to access the very best products and services for your loved one’s funeral.

  • We believe strongly of continuity, so you will always speak to the same person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • We never close. We are open all the time including weekends and Bank Holidays.

  • We come to you. Funeral Arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home, in an environment where you feel most comfortable.

  • Personal Service. You will receive a very personal family felt service, not just on the day of the funeral but all the way through your time of need.

What we provide

Navigating through the challenges of loss can be overwhelming, and at Vines Funerals, we recognise that you may have numerous questions and uncertainties during this time.

Our 'Support and Guidance' page is there to extend a comforting hand and provide you with the information and resources you need. Find out more here

Grief is a unique journey, and we are dedicated to offering compassionate guidance as you make important decisions and seek clarity.

We offer different funeral packages to suit your needs and budget. These range from the direct cremation, simple funeral and the traditional funeral. We also offer packages for a natural burial, baby/children’s funerals, cremated remains interment and floral tributes.

What each package includes can be found on our ‘packages’ page of the website.

On the direct cremation, simple and traditional funeral, we have included the third-party disbursements which includes the crematorium fee, a minster/celebrant fee and the doctors fee for the cremation papers if you are arranging a cremation for your loved one.

Floral Tribute

As part of our service, we can help you to create a truly personalised funeral for your loved one.

We can provide guidance and support when choosing Alternative Funeral Vehicles such as Horse Drawn Carriages, Dove Release, Bag Pipers, Orders of Service, Floral Tributes, a selection of Coffins, Urns and Caskets including Colourful Coffins and Environmentally Friendly options.


Alongside our funeral packages, we work closely with a local stonemason who can create beautiful memorials for full burial graves and cremated remains graves. Our stonemason can also carry out work on existing memorials such as renovation and added inscriptions.

We can provide guidance and support regarding probate and estate administration as we work with a dedicated, award winning provider of probate and estate administration in the UK, who offer free impartial and practical advice.

Vines funerals can also provide options for hair/fingerprint/ and ashes into jewellery. We work with a dedicated company who specialises in creating beautiful pieces of jewellery so your loved one can always be with you.

Funeral Vehicles

Funeral Services We Provide

Direct Cremation

Including Making all arrangements for the Direct Cremation, collection of your loved one and taken into our care.

Simple Funeral

Including making all arrangements for the Simple Funeral, Collection of your loved one and taken into our care.

Traditional Funeral

Including making all arrangements for the Traditional Funeral, collection of your loved one and taken into our care.

Natural Burial

Making all arrangements for the Natural Burial, collection of your loved one and taken into our care.

Baby Funeral

Making all arrangements for the funeral, collection of your loved one and taken into our care.

Cremated remains Interment Service

Making all the arrangements for the cremated remains burial and completion of paperwork, standard single Cremated remains casket with nameplate.

Childrens Funerals

We will help you to create a truly personalised funeral or memorial for your child.

Coffins and Caskets

We provide a wide range of coffins and caskets to suit your personal preference and budget.

Floral Tribute Packages

Order of Service

We will work with you and your chosen officiant to create a personalised Order of Service for your loved one’s funeral.

Funeral Vehicles

We are able to provide alternative Hearse options from the standard black Jaguar Hearse.

Cremated Remains

We are able to offer guidance on the options available for your loved ones cremated remains.


We are able to provide you with guidance and support when choosing an adult or child memorial following the burial of your loved one.

Probate and Estate Administration Services

We work closely with a dedicated, award winning provider of probate and estate administration in the UK, who offer free impartial and practical advice.

What should I do if my loved one passes away?

If your loved one has sadly passed away, contact Richard by telephone anytime day or night on 01902 494778 or 07462 301286. Richard will discuss what you need to do and provide you with guidance, support and a quote for the funeral if you wish. Richard will arrange a meeting with you in person in the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, all of the arrangements can be made over the telephone or Zoom/skype and documentation posted/emailed out to you for completion. During the arrangements, Richard will work with you to create a personalised funeral in honour of your loved ones life, no matter how simple or extravagant, whether it is a direct cremation, simple or traditional funeral or a natural burial, he can help you through each and every step. He will provide you with all of the options available including alternative Coffins and Caskets, including Environmentally Friendly and Colourful Coffins, Floral Tributes, Order of Service Booklets, Alternative Hearse and Other Vehicle Options, Music and Personal Touches. He is also able to guide you through the options for Cremated Remains including Ashes, Fingerprint and Hair into Jewellery. Richard will help to secure a date for your loved ones Funeral during the arrangements and will help you to choose a Minister, religious or non-religious to officiate on the day. He will also discuss with you the option of visiting our Chapel of Rest to spend time with your loved one, and provide you with options regarding clothing. You will be provided with a full written estimate of costs based on your individual requirements. We don't require a deposit at this stage, but ask for payment in full 2 days prior to the Funeral taking place. Our Final Invoice will include all of our charges, as well as charges made by third parties such as the Crematorium or Cemetery. If you have any specific requests, we will endeavour to exceed your expectations to ensure your loved ones Funeral is carried out with dignity, respect and dedication to their life.


Do you offer Funeral Plans?

At Vines funerals, we do not at this point provide a service for funeral plans. With the cost of living as it is at the moment, we believe that families may not be in a position to pay for a funeral in .

We do however provide a service called ‘my wishes’ which is a free service where we arrange the funeral as normal in advance but do not take any money from a family. The family can keep the money in a private savings account and use the money at the time when their loved one sadly passes away.

Why does payment need to be made 2 days prior to the funeral?

We ask for full payment prior to the funeral taking place to enable us to pay the third-party fees on your behalf.

Prior to the funeral taking place, the crematorium/cemetery requests full payment from us in order for the funeral to go ahead. Your chosen minister/celebrant is also paid on the day of the funeral with the funds for flowers and service sheets being paid straight away to secure the order.

We will provide the final invoice in plenty of time prior to the funeral if you need one to release funds from your loved one’s bank account. Upon receipt of a final invoice, the bank will pay the funds directly to us as funeral payments take priority over any other payments, even if the account has been frozen.

Can you help arrange a funeral of a baby or child?

At Vines Funerals we will help you arrange the funeral for your baby or child following your loss. We do not charge anything for the funeral of your baby and will provide you with guidance and support on all the options available. As standard our Baby funeral package includes a suitable white, pink or blue casket, one ceremonial vehicle and roses for you to use at the crematorium or cemetery. For children’s funerals we will keep any costs to a minimum. Find out more here

Wicker Coffin

What is a natural burial?

A natural burial involves being buried in a natural location as opposed to a traditional cemetery. This means you can have a woodland burial amid the trees or be buried in a meadow site, even somewhere that animals graze.

For some people, the appeal of the natural burial is the return to nature. Your loved one is buried in a degradable coffin that means everything eventually returns to a natural state. For others, it is more about the environmental impact of the other options. For example, traditional burial is becoming difficult as cemeteries are full and the cost of burial has risen over the years.

Likewise, cremation is often shown as the eco-friendly option but this isn’t entirely the case. With the gases created during the process and the amount of fossil fuels used during the process – the equivalent of a 500-mile car trip – cremation does have an impact on the environment.

With a natural burial, these problems aren’t an issue.

  • Offers an eco-burial with little impact on the environment

  • Great range of locations to choose from including woodland and meadows

  • A peaceful place for relatives to visit

  • Natural Burial can be less expensive

Our natural burial package covers an environmentally friendly coffin or casket and everything you need for the natural burial. The fee for the natural burial location is not included as this varies depending on the location.

If you wish to have a minister/celebrant present to hold a service at the graveside or if you wish for the serviced to take place in a church or another location this fee would also need to be added.


Thank you for reading about Vines Funerals, we hope that the information in this blog has been helpful and you have a better understanding of our values and the services we can provide to you and your family.

There is more information on our website and we will release more blogs in the future on a wide range on subjects to help guide you at your time of need. If you would like to speak with us, we would love to hear from you. Vines Funerals, 70 Summerhill Road, Coseley, Bilston, West Midlands, WV14 8RE, 01902 494778.

Read more of our blogs here

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