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Memorial Headstones

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At Vines Funerals, we are proud to work alongside our highly skilled and professional Stonemason who can design and create beautiful memorials for your loved one.

We offer high-quality, personalised headstones that will last for your loved one and give them a special tribute. We also offer memorial renovations and removals.

We also are offering a Grave Tending Service for £20 Per Visit.


BRAMM Registered

We are registered on the Bramm Scheme, this ensures we follow a high quality of workmanship and meet the requirements of BS 8415 in all burial grounds through the UK.


Competitive Pricing

If you have proof of a like-for-like quote from another business, then we will match or beat it.


Memorial Headstones Handled With Care

We understand that this is a particularly sensitive time for you and your family and will therefore treat you with dignity and respect in hopes that the process is made a little easier for you.

New Memorials


Our masons skilfully craft a selection of headstones, tailored to your needs and ensuring the memorial you select sums up the life of your loved one and provides a fitting tribute. To see our selection, click here for our brochure.

All our memorials are inclusive of VAT and 100 Letters of inscription, fixing and flower containers are included in the total price.

we provide bespoke memorial headstones that are high quality and durable. We also want to provide a headstone that reflects your loved one, as well as giving them a beautiful tribute. We provide beautifully crafted memorial headstones in different styles and materials.

Below are a few examples of the work we can do:


The Polished Rope Headstone

An exquisite polished rope provides a new dimension to the traditional Ogee shape memorial.

Shown in Premium Khammam Ebony Black


The Roses Headstone

An elegant heart memorial with beautiful deep carved roses with antique finish.

Shown in Premium Khammam Ebony Black


The Milton Headstone

A stunning triple heart memorial with hand-carved roses between the two main hearts.

Shown in Emerald Pearl


The Temple Headstone

A classic temple style memorial with an ogee shaped cap and round pillars. The memorial and pillar colour combinations can be changed as per your choice.

Shown in Premum Khammam Ebony Black with Ruby Red Pillars


The Lexington

The mourning angel is fully carved into the Heart shaped headstone.

Shown in Premium Khammam Ebony Black.


The Eternal Love

A double heart memorial with optional sand blasted and hand painted Rose and 'Eternal Love' design.

Shown in Premium Khammam Ebony Black.

Book Memorial

Cremation Book and Vase

Also available with tablet instead of book

This memorial comes (in various colours)

Cremation Memorial

Cremation Plaques

This memorial comes (in various colours)

Can be ordered with our without a flower container

Children's Memorial

Bear Children's Memorial

A  fully carved 'patch' bear holding a star headstone.

Bear can be painted any colour.

Shown here in Black granite.

Baby Memorial

Little Prince Castle

Boys castle, showing an alternative to the fairy tale castle which is hand carved and painted to suit the softer, lighter Sera Grey granite. 

A central panel and centre splayed base form space for inscription.

Added Inscriptions and Renovations

Are you looking to renovate or restore a headstone? We offer a high standard of memorial renovation and refixing, we cover gravestone renovations, marble headstones, removals, repairs, cleaning, relettering and refixing. Contact us today for a free quote.

Headstone Removal

Depending on what service you need, some memorial renovations will require the gravestone to be removed. We can offer removals and certify that the gravestone will be removed carefully and in compliance with the law and regulations. We also offer removals for funerals, which include storage and refixing when necessary.

Gravestone Repair & Restoration

Over time, even the most durable and well-crafted of headstones will fall prey to bad weather, fading and dirt. We offer an extensive range of re-painting, re-gilding, re-cutting and many more memorial restoration services. No matter the damage or condition of the gravestone, we will be respectful and careful with your loved one’s memorial and restore its original dignified beauty.

If you would prefer cleaning and renovation work to be done on your memorial without removing it from the grave, we can help with this request. As long as you do not require an additional inscription and only need renovation, we can provide this service for you. Prices start from £300.00

Marble Headstone Renovations

Marble memorials can easily attract dirt and become chipped if they are not cleaned and looked after on a regular basis. Our experts will skilfully clean and repair even the most delicate of structures, ensuring your marble headstone looks freshly carved.

Cleaning & Re-lettering Headstones

As mentioned, headstones tend to get dirty and deteriorate. We have many years of experience in cleaning and refacing. We a have number of techniques to ensure the stone and inscription are cleaned and beautifully displayed. If the lettering is damaged then we can reface the inscription, ensuring its longevity for many more years to come. With relettering, you can also make corrections or add extra words for the memorial.

Refixing Memorials

Memorials can be damaged through multiple factors, which can lead to the headstone leaning at an angle or even falling. This not only potentially poses a health and safety issue but is undignified for your loved one’s final resting place. We will restore the headstone or statue to a level and secure position, meaning it’s safe for the future.

Below are some of the renovation work carried out on sit before and after:

Our Grave Tending Service

Alongside our memorials, we also offer our Grave Tending Service which we have put together to help maintain your loved ones grave and memorial if you cant attend or have difficulties maintaining the grave yourself due to illness or disability.

Our Service includes

  • Full Wash of the memorial to remove dirt and bird droppings

  • Full clean of vases and flower containers

  • Removal of any litter around the grave

  • Removal of any weeds on the grave

  • New Fresh Flowers placed on the grave

  • Free Photo of the memorial when cleaned and a Free quotation for Renovation Work if requested

(Please note that is the responsibility of the cemetery or churchyard to cut the grass around the grave)

We offer this service for £20 and can either be chosen as a single visit or on-going service through the year.

Stonemasons We Support

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