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Natural Burial At Westall Park

In this Blog we will continue looking at beautiful Natural Burial Grounds. In this Blog we will look at Westall Park.

Westall Park

Woodland & natural burial grounds of peace and tranquillity

Westall Park is one of the UK’s finest natural burial grounds and aims to create a place which those who wish to remember their loved ones will want to visit, not out of a sense of duty, but from the pleasure and peace of mind it can evoke.

We have created an eco-friendly woodland burial site as a place for quiet reflection, in an informal setting amongst trees, wild flowers and wildlife. Eventually it will become a woodland glade, full of nature where all wildlife is encouraged to thrive.

Woodland Burial

A beautiful location for an environmentally friendly burial

Westall Park aim to create a place which those who wish to remember their loved ones will want to visit, not out of a sense of duty, but from the pleasure and peace of mind it can evoke. Westall Park is a green, environmentally friendly burial ground for quiet reflection, in an informal setting amongst trees, wild flowers and wildlife.

Set in one of the most attractive locations of any woodland burial in the country, Westall Park is located midway between Worcester and Stratford-upon-Avon, near the village of Inkberrow and is approached via a landscaped entrance and a quarter mile private drive. There are superb views of the Worcestershire countryside stretching as far as the Brecon Beacons.

Westall Park was one of the first natural burial grounds to open back in 1997. Since then there have been over 1200 burials and reservations and nearly 2000 ashes burials and reservations.

Natural Burial

The guiding policy at Westall Park is of managed woodland burial in which the environmental benefits of natural renewal are balanced against the desire for long term remembrance. Westall Park does not follow any particular faith but holds the common ethos that our remains should be disposed of with dignity and without being a burden to those that we leave behind.

Green burial offers the most environmentally friendly and enduring form of interment and remembrance intending to progressively return to natures own cycle of renewal and care.

Westall Park is strongly focused on ecological principles and to that end native trees and shrubs will be randomly planted around the park to create a mixture of wooded areas and open glades connected by a network of picturesque paths. There are no headstones at Westall Park, instead plots can be marked with an optional plaque. Visitors are encouraged to plant wild flowers in the grave areas to enhance the existing flower meadow.

Free from unnecessary regimentation, Westall Park will eventually become a woodland glade, full of nature where all wildlife is encouraged to thrive.

Natural Burial

Why Have a Natural Burial?

When you are planning a funeral, there are generally two options – a traditional burial in a cemetery or cremation. Both of these options come with issues, especially for anyone concerned about the impact on the environment. However, there is a third option that is growing in popularity – a natural burial, also known as an eco-burial.

What is a natural burial?

A natural burial involves being buried in a natural location as opposed to a traditional cemetery. This means you can have a woodland burial amid the trees or be buried in a meadow site, even somewhere that animals graze.


There are lots of myths about funerals ranging from the necessity of having a funeral director to where you can be buried – the truth is that there are very few rules. There are some things that must be complied with but if you use a recognised natural burial location, this isn’t a concern as they will know any stipulations involved.

Why choose a natural burial?

For some people, the appeal of the natural burial is the return to nature – the body is buried in a degradable coffin that means everything eventually returns to a natural state. For others, it is more about the environmental impact of the other options. For example, traditional burial is becoming difficult as cemeteries are full and take up valuable land. Systems used for these burials are also very resource heavy.

Likewise, cremation is often shown as the eco-friendly option but this isn’t entirely the case. With the gases created during the process and the amount of fossil fuels used during the process – the equivalent of a 500-mile car trip – cremation does have an impact on the environment. With a natural burial, these problems aren’t an issue.

  • Offers an eco-burial with little impact on the environment

  • Great range of locations to choose from including woodland and meadows

  • Official burial sites ensure rules are adhered to

  • A peaceful place for relatives to visit

Cremation Plots and Ashes Interment Service

After cremation, one of the big questions can often be what to do with the ashes. While there are many different options, one that may be suitable is the use of cremation plots or ashes interment at a natural burial site.


What is natural burial ground?

A natural burial ground is an alternative to a traditional cemetery and is ideal for people who love wildlife and nature in life or who want an environmentally conscious option for their remains. Natural burial grounds are usually woodland areas or meadows that have a strong emphasis on native species and a natural environment and also offer the option to have a burial there.

Natural burials are not consecrated but welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds. While traditional stone grave markers aren’t used, some sites allow wood markers or commemorative plaques at the location.

Cremation plots

Cremation plots are suitable for the interment of ashes. Natural burial grounds don’t allow scattering of ashes but instead offer small plots for the burial of the ashes. We can also offer advice about a suitable biodegradable urn for the ashes as it is very important that everything within the site is natural and not harmful to the environment.

Cremation plots are smaller than graves and aren’t large enough for tree planting but there are other ways you can commemorate the person. This includes plaques on benches around the site as well as ways to help nature such as bird nesting boxes or bat boxes that remember the person and help the local fauna.

  • Natural burial offers eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial

  • Small cremation plots allow the burial of ashes

  • Special biodegradable urns are required in keeping with the site

  • Commemorate the person with a plaque

Westall Park

Contact Details for Westall Park

Address: Holberrow Green

Nr Redditch


B96 6JY

Telephone:01386 792806

Business hours:

Open 7 days a week for general visits – 9am to 5pm Office Hours: 9am to 1.30pm & 2.30pm to 5pm Monday to Friday

Visitor opening times: 9.00am – 5.00pm in winter and 9.00am – 8.00pm in summer

If you would like to discuss arranging a Natural Burial at Westall Park, please contact us at Vines Funerals. We have provided a Natural Burial package as part of our services and we would love to assist you. 01902 494778, 07462 301386 Packages | Vines Funerals

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