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Order Of Service

Updated: 4 days ago

What is a funeral order of service?

An order of service is a printed guide to the funeral ceremony or service. It includes details about the person who has passed away, often with photographs, and a layout of what’s happening during the service to help people to take part in the ceremony.

Order of Service

Orders of services are usually A5 booklets, 4 page as standard but can go up to 12 pages long, given out to everyone who attends the funeral. But you can choose the size and length, what text and images to include, and how these are laid out, to make your order of service as unique or as traditional as you choose.

Do I need a printed order of service for a funeral ceremony?

No, but they can be helpful. Having a printed order of service can be reassuring. It helps people know what to expect from the funeral ceremony and what will happen in what order. It can also include practical details, such as where to go after the service or how to make a donation in memory of the person who has passed away.

Service Sheets

If there are hymns, prayers or songs that people will need to know the words to, an order of service is a good way to share these. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most places of worship and crematoria do not provide hymn books.

However, both practical information, and words to hymns or prayers, can be projected on a screen, rather than put into an order of service, or they can be explained verbally by the celebrant.

Often people like to keep a printed order of service after the funeral, as a memento of the person who has passed away or to share with others who could not attend the funeral.

If the funeral is being webcast, you may wish to email attendees with an order of service in advance.

A simple, informal funeral may not need an order of service at all. It’s your choice.

Service Sheets

Does an order of service need to be religious?

You can include religious elements and imagery if you wish, but it’s up to you. It all depends on the kind of funeral that you are planning.

Religious funerals often have a set structure, with certain elements that need to be included, so do talk to the religious leader who will be conducting your ceremony before putting the order of service together. That way, you can make sure that all the right things are included.

What should be included in a funeral order of service?

There are no fixed rules about what to include, but there are some useful elements that we see in many orders of service. You can use photos throughout.

Front page:

  • The person’s name, dates of birth, death and age.

  • Funeral date, time and place.

  • Photo of the person.


  • The order of service itself. This can include music, readings, the words of hymns or songs, prayers, poems, eulogy/tribute/sharing of memories. It can include the names of the celebrant or any family or friends who are involved.

Back page:

  • Thanks to people attending, those who have contributed to the funeral service or those who cared for the person who has died.

  • Information about how to make donations to a chosen charity. Adding a website address or even a QR code can help make this easy for people.

  • Information about what will happen after the service.

Funeral Order of Service

Should there be photos in an order of service?

This is up to you. It can be very meaningful to use photos, but it is not essential. You can include individual photos, a photo collage or both, or use drawings or other imagery instead of photos.

How can I make a funeral order of service more personal?

Think about the person who has passed away and how the order of service can reflect something about their personality, values or interests.

Perhaps you could use a favourite colour, choose imagery related to a passion or hobby or select a design style that reflects their personality. We have seen some beautiful orders of service that include the person’s own artwork, creative writing or even recipes written in their own handwriting.

Using photos or photo collages is also a great way to make your order of service unique.

How many orders of service should I have printed?

While it’s important to try and avoid waste, it’s worth printing a few more copies than you think you will need. The main cost of printing is setting up the initial print run, adding on a few extra copies will not add significantly to the overall cost.

Funeral Order of Service

How long does it take to produce an order of service?

You can start thinking about the order of service from the time that you start planning the funeral. We’re happy to talk through ideas, and to share examples of orders of service to help spark your creativity.

You can organise the production of an order of service yourself, or Vines Funerals can help you produce an order of service from text and images that you share with us.

Our Traditional funeral package provides 50 service sheets for you, but service sheets can be added to all of our packages.

Vines Funerals designs the service sheets ourselves and send you a draft of what it will look like before they are printed. We work with your chosen minister / celebrant on the content and approve the layout with them before going to print.

If you would like to arrange service sheets for your loved ones funeral, please contact Vines Funerals on 01902 494778, we would be happy to help you.

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