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Planning For The Future

Updated: 4 days ago

Talking about funerals is not the nicest or easiest subject to discuss and sometimes not on the top of our list of priorities especially with everything else going on in our busy lives and concerns with the ever-increasing cost of living. Asking our loved ones, what type of funeral they want is something that we tend to avoid but something we may have wished we had done when the time comes to arranging their funeral.

With all the advertisements on the television regarding funeral plans and the cost of funerals being anywhere from £4000.00 - £7000.00, I felt it was important to write this short blog about planning for the future, what options are available to us all and what to consider before parting with your money.


Two options we hear a lot about are Funeral Plans and Life insurance policies.

Funeral Plans

Funeral plans can be arranged through a Funeral Director or directly with a funeral plan provider. A funeral plan is where you discuss the type of funeral you would like and pay the Funeral Directors fees with a contribution towards the third parties fees such as the crematorium, doctors and minister if you wish. The money is then held securely until the time comes to redeem the plan and pay for the funeral. The money paid in to a funeral plan can only be used for the funeral. Payment of the plan usually can be in a lump sum or paid in instalments over a period of months. If you have a Funeral Director in mind who you would like to carry out the funeral, it is advisable to ensure that the funeral plan provider will allow you to use your chosen Funeral Director when the time comes.

On 29 July 2022, the FCA replaced the Funeral Planning Authority as the regulator for funeral plans.

The FCA want to achieve good outcomes for consumers. What this means is the FCA want to make sure that anyone who has a funeral plan, or is looking to buy one, gets a plan that meets their needs for a fair price.

The FCA also want to make sure that firms look after consumers' money and use it to deliver funeral services.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies are usually where a monthly amount is paid to an insurance provider and at the time of death a lump sum is paid out to the beneficiary listed on the policy. The money in the policy is not restricted to paying for the funeral and can be used for anything.

Either option may be worth exploring when planning for the future and it is very important to discuss these options with the providers and Funeral Director to help you make a choice on which option may be best for your circumstances. However, purchasing a funeral plan or insurance policy may not feel right for you, so is there another option? The answer is Yes.

If you don’t feel comfortable paying out money for a funeral plan or insurance policy, there is another option available to you which may be more suitable for your circumstances.

My Wishes

My Wishes is where you discuss the type of funeral you would like in the future and the details are recorded. No money is paid upfront. You can discuss these wishes privately within your family or speak with a Funeral Director to see if they offer this service. A Funeral Director can give you an idea on what options are available and how much the funeral would cost at today’s prices. The Funeral Director can keep a copy of the arrangements and you can have a copy. Some of the details can also be recorded in your will if you wish. Knowing the cost of the funeral at today’s prices will help you put money aside in a private savings account and then can be used at the time when it’s needed in the future.

Things to consider when taking out a funeral plan

· Will I have to pay more money in the future? – Due to the rising costs of crematorium fees etc, you may have to pay a bit more money in the future to meet that rising cost. Some funeral plan providers will fix the fees and you won’t pay anymore in the future, so its always best to check before purchasing a plan.

· If I change my mind about the funeral director I would like, can I use another one? –Some funeral plan providers will only allow you to use funeral directors who are registered with them. If you choose another funeral director who is not registered with the funeral plan provider you may be charged a cancellation fee to move to another funeral director.

At Vines Funerals, we do not currently provide a service for funeral plans. We try and keep our prices as low as possible so our families can still have a funeral of their choice at an affordable price. We do however provide the ‘my wishes’ service free of charge.

In reflection to the comment that a funeral will cost between £4000.00 - £7000.00, funerals don’t have to be that expensive, a respectful funeral can be provided for a lot less than the estimated figure quoted on the television. At Vines funerals, we have a selection of packages covering everything you need for your loved one’s funeral from a direct cremation to a traditional funeral.

It is true that a burial in a council cemetery is usually more expensive than a cremation, so we do encourage you to have a look at the Natural Burial package as this may be a cheaper option for you.

Our Funeral Plans

We are very proud to work alongside Golden Leaves Funeral Plan Provider who offers open and honest guidance and advice when considering taking out a funeral plan.

Golden Leaves Funeral Plans

If you would like to discuss more about funeral costs, Wishes & Plans, please contact us at Vines Funerals, 70 Summerhill Road, Coseley, Bilston, West Midlands, WV14 8RE, 01902 494778

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